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Osaka Acacia Chopping Board

Osaka Acacia Chopping Board

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Our Acacia Chop Board is crafted from hand-selected hardwood and crafted to perfection. Our Acacia wood cutting boards have superior scratch resistance, density and versatility. This wood is treated with a blend of unique natural waxes and oils for smooth surface and protection against moisture. The handles add to the ease of use by allowing you to use your board across the counter top or simply grab it with both hands for easy handling.


Materials: Material: Acacia Wood; Color: Natural


Dimensions: Small- 27x18x1.4cm Large- 35x21.5x1.4cm

Care information

After use, wash this product in warm soapy water and wipe excess water off with a dry towel.

Never soak or leave water on the wood during drying as it may result in warping over time.

Wood products should never be washed in the dishwasher.

Rejuvenate and protect the your board rubbing it down with VESTA HOMES WOOD BUTTER / food grade mineral oil / Coconut oil once in a week. When the board is dry, apply the oil liberally and allow it to soak in thoroughly before use.

Regular application of Natural Oil will prevent cracking and preserve the rich natural colors of the wood.

From time to time, the surface may become ""bumpy"". This is completely natural as we leave all of our wood in its natural state with no varnishes or lacquers. You can simply use a high grit sandpaper to smooth it out and oil it again to bring it back to new!"

Know more

Great For Food Safety: Board is made from high quality eco-friendly acacia wood which is 100% BPA and Formaldehyde-free, known for its anti-bacterial properties & doesn’t contain any chemicals or toxic elements.

Environment Safe: Acacia is one of the most sustainable tree. This environment safe wood is attractive and allows you to cut, chop, prep and present your food on the same board

Safe for Expensive Knives: Acacia is a preferred wood for kitchen performance: high density provides a safe chopping surface that won't damage your knives, unlike bamboo, glass or plastic cutting boards it won't dull your expensive kitchen knives.

Applications: Can be used for cutting/ serving all types of food easily and serve/present food items in a soothing way

Professional Chef Recommended : Commercial restaurant grade with industrial quality strength, an ultimate combination of size and weight

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