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Eterno End Grain 10 Inch

Eterno End Grain 10 Inch

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This handcrafted rotatable stand, made from the finest Acacia and Sheesham wood, measures 27 L x 27 W x 8 H Centimeters. Its versatile design offers many uses, from displaying cakes or cookies at your celebrations to styling slices of pizza or cheeses in luxurious fashion. Add a special touch to all your servings with this stunning wooden stand and make all your parties unforgettable - and definitely Instagram-worthy!


    Materials: Acacia and Sheesham wood


    Dimensions: 27 L x 27 W x 8 H Centimeters

    Care information

    After use, wash this product in warm soapy water and wipe excess water off with a dry towel.

    Never soak or leave water on the wood during drying as it may result in warping over time.

    Wood products should never be washed in the dishwasher.

    Rejuvenate and protect the your board rubbing it down with VESTA HOMES WOOD BUTTER / food grade mineral oil / Coconut oil once in a week. When the board is dry, apply the oil liberally and allow it to soak in thoroughly before use.

    Regular application of Natural Oil will prevent cracking and preserve the rich natural colors of the wood.

    From time to time, the surface may become ""bumpy"". This is completely natural as we leave all of our wood in its natural state with no varnishes or lacquers. You can simply use a high grit sandpaper to smooth it out and oil it again to bring it back to new!"

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