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Loki set of 3 Acacia Chopping Board

Loki set of 3 Acacia Chopping Board

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Our set of 3 wooden chopping board, measuring 38*26 cms, 31*21 cms and 23*16 cms are versatile and stylish addition to your kitchen. Crafted from high-quality wood, it's perfect for chopping fruits, vegetables, and meats. Additionally, it's smooth surface and sturdy construction make it ideal for use as a tray, serving board, or platter. Its warm wood tones and unique grain patterns add a natural touch to your dining experience. With its convenient size and multi-functional design, this wooden cutting board is a must-have kitchen tool for any food enthusiast or home entertainer.

Our Acacia wood cutting boards have superior scratch resistance, density, and versatility. This wood is treated with a blend of unique natural waxes and oils for a smooth surface and protection against moisture. The handle adds to the ease of use by allowing you to use your board across the countertop or simply grab it with both hands for easy handling.


Material: Acacia Wood; Color: Natural

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Ideal for both professional chefs and home cooks, our Acacia wood chopping board is versatile and practical. It is perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping various ingredients while adding an elegant touch to your kitchen. With proper care, our board will last for years, becoming a reliable staple in your culinary routine.

> Crafted from sustainably sourced hardwood
> Durable, resistant to knife marks and scratches
> Naturally antibacterial, ensuring food safety
> Non-slip, providing stability during use
> Environmentally friendly, made from sustainable wood
> Versatile, practical, and elegant


Big- 38 x 26 x 1.5 cm, Medium- 31 x 21 x 1.5 cm, Small- 23 x 16 x 1.5 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Useful and Nice Product

Very good quality, Best wooden chopping board till now.Multipurpose can be used as chopping board and serving tray

Wonderful and Smooth chopping Board

Loved the smoothness of the chopping Board.Its very easy to Clean this board.Compared to plastic this should be ideal for everyone


The 3 boards are of perfect sizes and suitable for you home and kitchen needs

High Qulaity

Chopping board fit and finish is very good the face is smooth for is so good

Perfect for serving!

Excellent quality board. Very satisfied with the purchase!

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